2022 MZB Home Show Competition Sign Up

MZB Parents,

Please see below from the WMPA Board with important info regarding our upcoming Home Show needs!  This is a HUGE event for us, so we definitely need EVERYONE'S help to make this event a success!  

Thank you in advance for all of your donations, effort, and help to make our show one of the absolute BEST for visiting bands and spectators to attend!

-Mr. Tanzos

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From: Whitehall Music <wmpamarchingband@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Oct 11, 2022 at 10:04 PM
Subject: 2022 MZB Home Show Competition Sign Up
To: Tanzos, Matthew <tanzosm@whitehallcoplay.org>

Hello all!

As has been mentioned frequently, we will be hosting a Marching Band Competition on Saturday 10/29/22.  We affectionately refer to this as the Home Show.

We've come up with a pretty comprehensive list of all the jobs and supplies we'll need to make the event a success.  Anyone who has already raised their hand to do a specific job has already been added to the sign up.  Be sure to review this list to make sure we've got you signed up for the correct job and to see what time we need you to report.

There are multiple asks for people to show off their cooking and baking talents.  We take the Go Big or Go Home approach and expand the snack stand menu to include some extra hot items.  Additionally, there is an entire area set aside just for the judges and visiting staff.  Years ago this was catered, but we've found it's more economical and tasty to have families sign up to make their best dishes.  The first time we took this approach, Mr. Tanzos mentioned we gained a reputation for having some of the best food on the circuit.  So let's keep that reputation strong!  

Like many other schools, we also have a baked goods table near the candy/pickle grams table.  Last year our tables were overflowing at the beginning of the show, and were completely empty by the end!

We need every family to participate to ensure this event is a success.

Please review the ENTIRE sign up and step up to demonstrate to our kids what can be accomplished when everyone works together as a team!

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
Members of the WMPA Board

P.S.  The sign up may be revised to include standard snack stand donations as we get closer to the event.