Chaperone Guidelines

For every game and competition we are required to provide about five adult chaperones to accompany the Marching Band. 

  • Chaperones need to have clearances on file with the district. 
  • In general, a chaperone escorts the band members throughout the event. Some chaperones stay with the instruments in the stands while the others walk with the band members onto the field.
  • Chaperones escort band members to the restrooms if necessary. They may even need to climb under the bleachers to get a dropped water bottle!
  • Chaperones carry the first aid backpacks and hand out band aids or Tylenol or tissues from the bags...whatever is needed. The band director carries medical information and emergency contact numbers with him at all times. 
  • Chaperones are to encourage the band members to be kind to each other, be respectful, and follow the instructions that are given to them by the band director and bus driver. A gentle reminder is all that is needed or even a look in their direction. 
Chaperoning is the best way to get to know the band members who your child will be spending a lot of time with during the season. It's also a great way to get to know other parents as well. We hope you will join us as a chaperone! If you are interested, contact President Laura O'Donnell at