WMPA Parent Meeting 2.7.23

 WMPA Meeting Minutes Feb.7, 2023

President-Sue Cascioli VP-Laura O’Donnell Snack Stand-Karen and Tom Coughlin VP and Snack

Stand- Allison Maldonado Secretary-Amy Dangler- Treasurer- Rachel and Tim Schmoyer Board:

Cynthia Arroyo, Deb Baer-Fundraining Coordinator, Mike Baer, Tiffany Holderman-Fundraising

Coordinator, Michelle Anthony, Lisa Lance, Christina Flannery, Matt Tanzos. Parents: Amy Flamish-

Pimentel, Dana Mensher, Angel Leiby

Welcome All! Thank you for attending.

Spring Trip Update: Tanzos Collecting deposit and student/parent count this week. Laura handling

bus and ticket details. More information to follow.

Banquet: May 7th at Cementon Park. Food options from Island Expressions discussed and voted on by

board at meeting. Laura will be following up with the caterer with our questions.

Fundraising: Perogies delivery Thursday Feb 9th, 6pm Band Parking Lot. Pickles are next! Discussed

possible new calendar option for lottery ticket sales at beginning of next season.

Board positions: We are recruiting for board and officer position of VP. Voted in Amy Flamish-

Pimentel, Dana Mensher, angel Leiby, and Tiffany Holderman for the general board positions at this

meeting. Congratulations! And Thank You!!!!

By-Laws: Discussion tabled until next meeting. Tim Schmoyer is looking into further information.

Bobby Worman Snack Stand: Karen reported after discussion with school Administrators, that we

cannot re-name the snack stand. We will go forward with hanging framed Band Jacket as memorial.

Google Drive: Karen reports that she is working with Treasurer Rachel Schmoyer to update.

Indoor Snack Stand: Thank You to all who volunteered to cover shifts. No word about coverage

needed for playoffs at this time. Reminder to ask next year about student accounts earning if parents

work stand for student.

Additions: Cynthia Arroyo shared some financial information.

Next meeting date: 3-7-23

*Keep Fundraising *Attend our next meeting *Join the Board or become an Officer