WMPA Meeting Minutes - 8/9/22


Please see below and attached from WMPA Secretary Rachel Schmoyer for the minutes from last night's meeting.

Thank you!
-Mr. Tanzos

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From: Rachel Schmoyer 
Date: Wed, Aug 10, 2022 at 9:48 AM
Subject: WMPA meeting minutes
To: Matthew Tanzos <tanzosm@whitehallcoplay.org>

Hi Mr. Tanzos, 

Attached are the meeting minutes from last night's parent meeting. 

Some highlights to share with our parents:

-We raised $600 from the Pampered Chef fundraiser. Thank you all for ordering and sharing!

-Our president, Sue, is already working on lining up the details for our October 29th Home Show. The Home Show is when we host a band competition at our stadium. We will need everyone to help that day with ticket sales, parking attendants, and more. Please save the date! There are 13 bands already registered to come and perform.