MZB Apparel Sale - Orders Due 8/22/21


Please see below from WMPA President Lori Skibo regarding our annual MZB Apparel sale!  All of the items included here are NOT required -- but are purely optional for your personal use/wear.  Be sure to order by August 22nd if you plan to.

Thank you!
Mr. Tanzos

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Hello Fellow Band Parents!


Please find the link below for the online MZB Apparel Store.  Shop at your convenience and pay online.  Make sure to take this limited opportunity to get your MZB gear for the whole family! There is an assortment of jackets, shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, scarves and beanies!   Stock up to keep warm throughout the football/competition season.  The store will close on Sunday, August 22nd with deliveries some time in September.  If you have money in your student account that you would like to use toward these purchases, you can submit your receipt after payment and be reimbursed.  Please send in your receipt to Mr. Tanzos with your name on an envelope. 


None of the items in the online store are required for band participation.  All online store purchases are completely optional.  Thank you!


Lori Skibo

WMPA President