Mums Fundraiser

 MZB Members and Parents,

Please see below from our WMPA Fundraising Coordinator Deb Baer.  Fundraising is a VERY important piece of the puzzle for our band program -- and it also benefits you DIRECTLY with profits shared between the band and your own personal student account!  This money can be used toward your marching shoes, band polo, gloves, etc.  

Should you have any fundraising related questions, please be sure to reach out to Deb directly at the contact info listed below.

Thank you!
Mr. Tanzos

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Hi Everyone,  PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY! Help is really appreciated :)

Welcome back and welcome to new members/parents!
Fundraising is organized by the parent association and is an important part of Marching Band, it helps pay for the additional staff, end of year banquet for the kids as well as other needs of the band that are not budgeted by the school, and also funds the snack stand supplies.

We try to work with local businesses, keep prices reasonable and choose items that are something you may already purchase. Money/Order Collection drop off and pick up/distribution times usually take place on either Tuesdays or Thursdays at regular rehearsal drop off times. 
I will be sending out info about sales and pop ups by email and include a facebook/social media post that you can tweak and post on your page. 

WE RAISE YEAR ROUND to help support our kids and the band! 
Help us keep this activity relatively free (many organizations require hundreds of dollars for uniforms supplies etc...)
STUDENT ACCOUNTS are back this year!
Last year, all proceeds went to the general fund because of the pandemic situation and extremely low participation. 
This year, students have the ability to earn a portion of the money to pay expenses for gloves, shoes and end of year spring trip to help offset YOUR out of pocket costs. 

Current Fundraisers
--Mums - $7 see attached order and info sheets These mums are Gorgeous and huge!! If you need paper copy, email me and I will have it for you by Tuesday band camp day!

order sheets and money due ***Tuesday September 7, 2021*** 

vouchers distributed Friday September 10 (football game or Tuesday September 14

Social Media post is at the bottom of this email to copy and paste

Mums Info

Mums Order Form

--Daily Number Calendars $20 per ticket match the evening daily number October, November, December.  Pay and receive your tickets immediately. More details to come - available starting soon!

October:  Matey's frozen Pizzas
November: Thanksgiving pies from Madeline's on Liberty
December: Candles and Wreaths, possibly poinsettias

Pop Up: In the process of setting these up for the next year, I will let you know when dates are available and the details.
Dine out and special shopping nights/days/months
Vendor events (if you are a consultant for jewelry, cosmetics, nails, food, home, cooking etc...and can help to set up a fundraiser through your company please contact me! Thanks to Laura O'Donnell for offering to do the first one with her Pampered Chef business. Details to follow)

Bingo Feb/March (in person depending on current health situation and guidelines from school)

Raise Right (Shop with Scrips) Gift card purchasing (see separate email later this week)

If you have any ideas for a fun fundraiser or are able to help on occasion with events or distribution nights, please contact me. We will eventually need someone to step up into the chairperson position for fundraising, so if you will be around for a few years and have organizational skills, let me know if you are interested! I will be here through 2022/23 school year. I usually plan the whole year in one sitting and have a lot of saved documents to guide through the process easily.

I usually put a sheet out at work, send a group text to my family, post on facebook a few times and the orders just roll in. Many people choose to Venmo the money in advance and I either deliver or have them stop by and pick up their stuff the same night as distribution or the next day. It's pretty easy. 

If you hate the idea of fundraising, consider asking for outright donations, but really - 
there's a lot of people who love the fundraisers we do and look forward to them, we really try to choose great quality food and products we think people would like. 

Thanks for your time support and your dedication to all of our kiddos.

Please direct any fundraising questions or issues to me....
Deb Baer
Fundraising Chair, WMPA (Whitehall Music Parent Association)
cell: 484-695-0916 (text or calls are fine, this is my personal and business phone)


Additional info
Like us on facebook: Whitehall Music Information Page

Social Media Post you can edit or create your own
or copy and post from Facebook Whitehall Music Information Page:

Zephyr Marching Band Fall Mum Fundraiser __________________________________________________
Voucher coupon for 9 inch pot of hardy fall mums
These are GORGEOUS, LARGE, FALL MUMS in 5 colors: yellow, orange, purple, white and red
Total # of Coupons and money are due by
***Tuesday September 7, 2021***
(return with your student or meet Deb in the parking lot during practice drop off or pick up time - email remider will give details)
CASH or Checks payable to “WMPA”
(Whitehall Music Parents Association)
Coupons will be distributed to band members Starting
Friday September 10 and Tuesday September 14
For the best selection the coupons should be redeemed by October 1, 2020 at this location:
Lehigh Valley Home and Garden Center
4220 Crackersport Road Allentown, PA 18104 WWW.LVHGC.COM
See your favorite band student to order or
Any questions contact Deb Baer call or text 484-695-0916 or email: