2021 Chaperone Schedule

MZB Parents,

Please see below from WMPA President Lori Skibo regarding chaperoning for this season.  If you are able to assist in filling in the gaps, please be sure to contact her directly at the phone number or e-mail address listed below.  Your assistance is integral to the success of the students and is greatly appreciated!  Remember: chaperoning = FREE ADMISSION (and transportation!) to the event! :-)

Thank you!
-Mr. Tanzos 

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From: Lori Skibo <Loriskibo0506@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Aug 20, 2021 at 10:34 AM
Subject: Chaperone Schedule
To: Tanzos, Matthew <tanzosm@whitehallcoplay.org>

Hello fellow band parents!


One week left until the official start of our 2021 MZB season!  Thank you to everyone who responded with their availability to chaperone!   Attached is the chaperone schedule for the season.  As you will see, there are still gaps for a handful of events.  We need four chaperones for every event that the band participates in.  Please reach out to me if you would be available to help complete this chaperone requirement for any of the dates listed.

2021 Chaperone Schedule


We are also in need of volunteers to drive the gator for home games and the U-Haul truck and gator for Away games and competitions.  Please reach out to me directly if you would be interested and available or even if you would just like to hear more about it.   As always, thank you for your participation and commitment along with your child to make this a successful 2021 MZB season! 


Lori Skibo

WMPA President