*** REVISED Battle Plan for Championships***


Looking ahead at tomorrow's weather forecast, we very well may lose some outdoor time due to rain.  We WILL still have rehearsal tomorrow, even if it is indoors...however we may decide to shorten it.  That decision will be made tomorrow.

In the meantime, and in anticipation of some lost outside time, we are going to slightly revise the Battle Plan for Saturday to provide us with a little more rehearsal time before we load and leave for Hershey.  Please see the NEW battle plan below and attached.  Note the only changes are the report and start time for rehearsal.  Chaperones and truck driver should still report as originally planned.

Lastly, just a reminder that tonight's rehearsal is from 6-8:00 PM -- please notify your rides accordingly.

Thank you, see you tonight, and let's have an AWESOME rehearsal!
-Mr. Tanzos

BATTLE PLAN for Saturday, November 9
Cavalcade Championships
@ Hershey Park Stadium
Revised 11-6-19

1:15 pm – School open ; set up equipment
1:45 pm – Rehearsal at parking lot
2:45 pm – Load equipment truck; Change into “Partial Uniform”
4:00 pm – Depart for Hershey Park Stadium ; Please pack a snack/dinner for bus ride
5:45 pm – Arrive at Hershey Park Stadium; Visit restrooms, apparel vendors at stadium
6:15 pm – Unload equipment; warm-up
8:00 pm – Whitehall MZB performance
8:15 pm –  Group photo after performance; load truck (time permitting)
9:30 pm – Awards Ceremony
10:15 pm – Finish loading truck (if necessary), depart for home
12:00 midnight - 12:30 am – Estimated range for arrival time home…this is subject to change throughout the day.  Students should remain in communication once we leave Hershey and as we get closer to home.

A list of things all members should bring with them for the entire day:
  • Instrument/Equipment
  • Marching Shoes
  • Under-uniform wear
  • Gloves
  • Make-up / Hair products (Colorguard)
  • Raincoat
  • Snack/Packed Dinner for after practice/bus ride
  • Sweatshirt or jacket
  • There are also apparel vendors at the show, if you want to purchase Championship t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.

Please come prepared, be flexible, and let’s work together so that we can reach our fullest potential!