MZB Revised Season Schedule (with changes to reflect parade postponement)


Attached is the revised season schedule, to reflect the changes brought about by today's postponement of the Whitehall Fall Fest parade.  Please note the following:

  • There is NO band activity this evening...enjoy the night off and please spend some time preparing for tomorrow's performance!
  • The Whitehall Fall Fest parade will now be held on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24th.
  • Since we will lose the rehearsal originally scheduled on Oct. 24 because of the parade rain date, that will trigger Wednesday, October 23rd's "if necessary" rehearsal.  This has been on your schedule from the very beginning, so conflicts will NOT be excused.
  • In the event that the Coplay Parade is rained out and the rain date is utilized, we will now add a new "if necessary" rehearsal date on Wednesday, November 6th.  Please keep that day clear of obligations going forward.  If you already have a conflict on that date, you must inform me of it immediately for it to be considered "excused."
  • Also added is the tentative date of our annual "Band Party" before Champs, which will be slated for Friday, November 8th.  This is contingent upon the date being free of a football playoff game.  This is NOT a mandatory event, but is a fun get together before our Championships the next day.  

Whew!  Thank you for your attention and flexibility with these scheduling changes.  Have a great night and see you tomorrow!
-Mr. Tanzos