Shoe Drive Fundraiser


Please see below from WMPA Board Member Melissa Angst regarding a fundraising drive that we will be starting soon.  Spread the word!

Thank you!
Mr. Tanzos

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From: Melissa Angst
Date: Mon, Sep 9, 2019 at 5:58 PM
Subject: Shoe Drive (please forward)
To: Matthew Tanzos 

Hi Everyone,

Our shoe drive officially starts on September 16 and runs through November 16.  The goal is to collect 100 bags each filled with 25 pairs of shoes.  This is a super easy fundraiser as you don't need to ask anyone to buy anything!  Let people know that you can help them out by collecting shoes that they no longer need/wear.  It's that easy :)

The shoes you collect are not just shoes, they give a chance at a livelihood that someone may not have had before. The gently worn, used and new shoes you collect
should be in good condition meaning that the soles are intact, they have laces (if necessary), there are no holes, they are dry and clean, and that they still have life left
in them. If you wouldn’t give them to a friend, then they are not worthy to submit with your collection.  All types and sizes of shoes are accepted.

We will get .40 (forty cents) per pound of shoes. So, if we hit our goal of 100 bags of 25 pairs of shoes we will collect around $1000!  In order to share the profits with the students, you must include something noting the student name when turning in shoes - this MUST be written on something with the shoes because if you just tell me I will absolutely forget who gave what.  You will receive a portion of the profits once we have a final amount.  Once we receive the money, I will notify everyone of the total per pair of shoes.  You do have the option of just collecting shoes and letting all of the profits go to the band fund :)  The deposit won't hit our account until January/February.

Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions.

610-737-7619 (texting is best)