Shoe Collection Fundraiser!


Please see below from WMPA Board Member Melissa Angst with information regarding an upcoming fundraiser for our band program.

Thank you!
Mr. Tanzos

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From: Melissa Angst
Date: Wed, Aug 21, 2019 at 11:46 AM
Subject: Shoe Collection - Please forward
To: Matthew Tanzos 

Hi Everyone,

We will be collecting gently used and new shoes as part of a fundraiser.  I will send full details around this in the coming weeks, but wanted to give everyone the chance to start collecting.  The shoes can be used, but must still be wearable (no holes/falling apart).  The goal would be to collect 2500 pairs of shoes.  We will get approximately $2.50 per pair (it's based on total weight so this number could change).  The proceeds from this fundraiser will be shared with the students (I'm still working out the details). 

Please start collecting your shoes (any type except flip-flops).  More details to follow.