MZB Summer Session Reminder & Band Camp Prep


Just a reminder that we have our next Summer Session rehearsal on Thursday of this week from 6:00-8:00 PM.  Remember, attendance at summer sessions is REQUIRED unless you provided advanced notification via e-mail that you will not be present at that rehearsal.  Bottom line: either you are at the rehearsal or I have an e-mail stating you won't be -- please be sure to communicate!

Be sure to have all of your music with you, and bring water!  If you have not already begun to memorize Movement 1 (and the Intro for percussion), please start to do that now.  Memorization will be a requirement by the start of August band camp -- please don't procrastinate, as it will make it that much harder!

Also -- there are still MANY of you who are not yet signed up for the 2019 MZB Google Classroom page.  Please take a few seconds to register, as that is the main "hub" for all music, recordings, dot sheets, drill charts, judges commentaries, videos, etc. throughout the season.  The class code can be found in the email sent today.

Looking ahead, we are only 2 WEEKS away from the start of band camp!  With that said, please be sure that you gather the following necessary supplies for band camp:
  • Water jug 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Hat 
  • Sidewalk chalk (marching members only -- to mark marching coordinates on the parking lot) 
  • Music folder (w/plastic sheet protectors to protect the music from wind and moisture) 
  • Comfortable sneakers that are good for marching...(Chuck Taylor's, Skater Shoes, Hi-Tops may be fashionable, however they are not good marching shoes and can actually cause pain or injury. If this is all you have, I recommend getting a cheap pair of cross training sneakers at WalMart or Payless that you can use just for marching band.)

Speaking of band camp, unfortunately Wawa will be CLOSED for renovations during our band camp weeks :-(  I know that many of us (myself included!) have relied upon Wawa for dinner breaks during band camp, but you will need to be prepared with other arrangements for this year.  Please be smart about what you eat!  I know McDonald's is now within walking distance...but probably is not a smart choice before going out and running around in the heat :-P

Lastly, Macy's at the Lehigh Valley Mall will be doing a grand re-opening ceremony and have requested our involvement.  We will need a small pep band of members to play some stand songs at the event on Saturday, August 10 starting at 8:30 AM or so.  More details will be discussed as we get closer, but if you are available, please consider playing.  All members who participate will receive a $10 gift card from the store for your time.

Thank you and see you THURSDAY!
Mr. Tanzos