MZB Member Handbook, Information Link + Updated Season Schedule


A few items for you ahead of tomorrow's first Mini Camp rehearsal, as well as Wednesday's Parent meeting:

  • Attached is the MZB Member Handbook.  This document contains ALL of the procedures, expectations, rules and regulations regarding membership in the organization.  PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THROUGH THIS IN IT'S ENTIRETY!  The final page is a contract that must be signed by both student and parent.  Hard copies of the contract will be provided at the parent meeting.  To save paper however, the handbook will only be shared here electronically.
  • Please take a minute to complete the MZB Member Information Form via the google doc at this link:  This is one of the required "documents" needed for membership.
  • Lastly, attached is the most up-to-date (and hopefully finalized) 2019 Schedule.  Please note the addition of "Summer Session" rehearsals in June and July -- these are required if you are available, but excusable with advanced notice and communication (for if you have plans, are on vacation, etc.)  Everything from August 5th on down is 100% required (except for the Phillies Band Night -- more info to come)!  Please clear your calendars on those dates!
Thank you and see you soon!
Mr. Tanzos