Shop With Scrip

Hello everyone,

As discussed at the meeting last night, here are copies of the papers (2) for  (Script Overview and How to Enroll  )

Our enrollment code is EC98LDL661L47 

I encourage you to go on the site and browse all they have to offer.  It really is a super easy way to raise funds for our band! 

It may seem a bit confusing at first, but I am more than happy to help with any questions or getting you set up with an account.

Also, this fundraiser is not limited to band parents/band members; you can have friends and family sign up as well. To reiterate, neither I, nor anyone in the band organization, has  access to your personal information; "shop with scrip" keeps everything confidential.  

This information will also be posted on our facebook page @whitemusic.

I have attached a corrected contact sheet for our board members.  My apologies, I had the incorrect info for Cinithia Arroyo. 

Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns.  I am ALWAYS just an email away. 

Thank you, we are looking forward to an AMAZING season!

Tara Issermoyer