MZB News and Notes


A few items for you regarding upcoming events...
  • The MZB has been requested to perform the Star-Spangled Banner and possibly some stand tunes at the Special Olympics on Thursday, May 9th.  Since the MS band will be performing their in-school concerts that morning, Mr. Smale will take the HS members up to the stadium to do the performance.  Please meet at the Band Room at 8:30 AM that morning, wearing your MZB Polo (any pants/shorts are fine).  You'll be done and back to the HS by 10:00.  I'll send out the list to teachers for excusal.
  • Please have the following dates in your calendar:
    • Saturday, May 18th - Coplay 150th Anniversary Parade
    • Saturday, June 1st - Curt Simmons Day Parade
  • MZB Training Sessions begin on Tuesday.  Attached is the flyer with the dates in case you know of anyone still interested in joining -- have them come out!  Additionally, Miss F. has asked that veteran cologuard members attend these sessions as well if you are available.  If you cannot attend, no problem, just let us know.
  • Also attached is the tentative season schedule for you all again.
  • Lastly, I am pleased to announce our Student Officers for the upcoming season, in alphabetical order: Matt Cascioli, Morgan Guiher, Eireann Hunsicker, Braydan Issermoyer, Lorelei Moser, and Maggie Tran.  A big thank you to the 16(!) members who applied for consideration this year -- there were a lot of deserving candidates, but I know that the chosen 6 will do a fantastic job leading us this season!
Thank you and see you all soon!
-Mr. Tanzos