MZB Banquet Information

Hello all!

It's almost here!  Our annual banquet will be held this coming Sunday, April 28th at Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church, 3355 MacArthur Rd, Whitehall.   Its the church next to the municipal building. 

ENTRANCE: The entrance to the hall is around back.  There are 2 entrances in the back.  One is a glass door leading into a cafeteria looking room.  That is NOT the door.  Our door is to the left in the corner.  We will have our MZB signs outside.  

PARKING: There is limited parking around back by that door.  If there are no spots when you arrive you can park up top in those spots and just make the short walk to the door.  

AGENDA: Awards will start on time at 4:00pm.  Dinner will start at 5:00pm, followed by a DJ from 6:00 - 8:00pm.  Parents and family are welcome to stay during that time, but its OK if you leave and come back.  If you are picking up your child, please be sure to be on time at 8pm.  There is another event in the church at that time so we'll need to settle down the party and the noise.  

NOTES: When you arrive your student will receive their $10 deposit back along with a program (1 per family).  Also, thank you to the board and senior parents who helped organize this event.  Looking forward to it!

Sandy Ball
Outgoing WMPA President