Percussion Ensemble Update 3-15-18

Percussion Ensemble,

This week we will resume our normal, full ensemble schedule for rehearsal on THURSDAY.  Here is the time schedule for the day:

6:00-6:45  Under the Sea
6:45-7:40  Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
7:45-8:25  Six Pence
8:25-9:00  Sonix

Please note that we are down to only 3(!) rehearsals until our first performance (on April 16).  By this point, ALL members should know and be able to perform ALL of their music.  We should NOT be learning notes yet and rhythms yet...the emphasis at this point should be on things like expression, dynamics, balance, and playing together as an ensemble.  If you are still struggling with your part -- please make sure you are PRACTICING!

One other item in regards to our upcoming performances:  Please start to gather your "uniform."  Attire is all BLACK:  Plain black shirt (can be long or short sleeved, t-shirt or collared, etc. -- so long as there is no writing on it), black PANTS (no shorts or skirts), and black (or dark) shoes.  If you have these things in your closet already -- perfect!  If not, please be sure to gather these things before the first performance.  

Thank you, have a great weekend, and see you THURSDAY!
-Mr. Tanzos