Percussion Ensemble Update 3-1-19

Percussion Ensemble,

Just a reminder that our next rehearsal is on WEDNESDAY this week!  As we discussed this past week, we need to make a better effort to arrive ON TIME and have our instruments set-up to begin each song at the designated time.  Too many members have been arriving late and are unprepared to start, resulting in a loss of productive rehearsal time.  Remember, we are down to only 5 rehearsals before our first performance!

Here is this week's rehearsal schedule:

6:00-6:45  Under the Sea
6:45-7:45  Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
7:50-8:25  Six Pence
8:25-9:00  Sonix

Please be sure to practice your parts on your own -- working on the areas of your music that you are having trouble with.  The more preparation you do individually, the stronger we will perform as an ensemble!

Thank you, have a nice weekend, and see you WEDNESDAY!
-Mr. Tanzos