Matey's Pizza delivery 3/26


Pizza order pickup, Tuesday,  March 26th, 6pm, band room parking lot. 

Please see the specific instructions, regarding the pick up, received from Matey's Pizza: "You should have all the sellers be there when I arrive at 6pm.  Once I have payment from you, and all of your sellers paid you their balance, each seller will come to the back of my truck one by one and hand me their order form.  I will then get their pizzas and hand it back to them.  I only sort their order from the entire organizations order.  They need to sort to who they sold to.  With 188 pizzas sold, as long as everyone is on time it should only take me 20-30 minutes to sort.  "

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you, 
Tara I.