MZB News and Notes


A few items for you as we approach March...
  • A reminder to please mark your calendars for the May 18th Coplay 150th Anniversary parade.  I realize that this is HS Prom (I have no control over the date they chose)...if you will not be able to participate in the parade for any reason, please let me know ASAP so I can determine if we have enough membership to participate.
  • Also remember to keep Saturday, June 1st open for the Curt Simmons Day Parade in Egypt that morning.
  • Attached is the first draft of the TENTATIVE 2019 MZB Season Schedule for underclassmen.  There are still a few question marks and moving parts at the moment, however the Mini Camp and Band Camp dates are 100% CONFIRMED.  Please be sure to mark your calendars and plan your summer vacations around these dates!
  • Show planning for next year is underway, and I kindly ask that if you are NOT planning to return to the band next year, please let me know ASAP (by Tuesday if possible) so that we account for that in our planning meetings.  We want to ensure that we are choosing a theme and music that will best fit our membership and instrumentation to set the group up for success.  We will do a formal "re-sign up" later in the Spring, complete with the options to run for student officer and drum major -- but for now this is strictly for show planning purposes. 
Thank you!
Mr. Tanzos