MZB Spring Trip - 2nd payment

Hi Everyone,

The second payment for the spring trip is due by January 25.  I have attached a form that can be completed and turned in with your payment.  Please have all money/forms to Mr. Tanzos no later than January 25. 

The third payment will be due by March 15.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Melissa Angst

Signed up for trip:
Aiden Tacker
Alexander cooper
Tracy Cooper
Adam Dunstan
Damien Bartos
Connie Bartos
Eireann Hunsicker
Ethan Andrews
Gracie Kemmerer
Michele Riegel
John Riegel
Isabella Barajas
Keicy Delacruz
Kiel Baer
Lorelei Moser
Melissa Angst
Lucas Hetherington
Matt Cascioli
Angie Cascioli
Matthew Ebner
Miranda Pollitt
Morgan Guiher
Monica Guiher
Paige  Hetherington
Priyanshu Purohit
Renata Bravo
Retalee Jaoude
Sabrina Haller
Ernest Haller
Catherine Haller
Stephanie Haller
Sabrina Santo
Javier Jaramillo
Jenna Lance
Rebecca Sturtevant