Percussion Ensemble Update 12-30-18

Percussion Ensemble,

Attached are the part assignments, music, and recordings for this year's songs.  Everyone will be on at least 2 songs -- please note that ALL members will be performing for "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough," which I'm still in progress arranging.  Part assignments for that song will be sent out upon it's completion.  Each member should open the part assignments document, find your name, and scan across to see which song(s) you are on and what part you play.  Once you have done that, please open up the proper "parts" file and find and print out your part -- DO NOT JUST PRINT OUT THE WHOLE only need to print out your individual part.  Those of you on "Six Pence," please note that many of the parts are 2 pages long.

Also to help you with ride planning, there is a second tab on the part assignment spreadsheet that has each song and a list of performers, so you can easily reference who else is on your song.

Our next rehearsal is on THURSDAY of this week.  Going forward, you will now need to check each weekly e-mail for the rehearsal schedule -- and you will only need to be present during your assigned songs.  Here is the schedule for this Thursday:

6:00-7:00  Under the Sea
7:00-8:00  Sonix
8:00-9:00  Six Pence

Please arrive early enough to gather and set-up your equipment/instruments!  Also make sure to bring your music (in a folder) and sticks (for drummers).

Thank you, Happy New Year, and see you THURSDAY!
-Mr. Tanzos

Percussion Ensemble Part Assignment List 2019
Six Pence - Parts
Six Pence - Recording
Sonix - Parts
Sonix - Recording
Under the Sea - Parts
Under the Sea - Recording