Percussion Ensemble Update 12-14-18

Percussion Ensemble,

Here are the details for next week's auditions, as we discussed last night:

- If you are a MALLET player, your auditions will take place between 6:00-7:30.
- If you are a DRUMMER, your auditions will take place between 7:30-9:00.
- Please note that once you are finished with your audition, you are free to leave - you do not need to stay until the end of your audition time slot.
- For your audition, you must prepare two (2!) exercises from the sheets we gave out last night.  Which ones you choose is totally your choice -- pick what you feel would best demonstrate your skill and ability level.
- Remember, if you do not complete an audition, you will NOT be assigned a part and permitted to participate in the ensemble!  If for any reason you are absent from school on Thursday, it will be YOUR responsibility to come see me on Friday in school to make up your audition.
- Part assignments will be e-mailed out sometime over Winter Break.  Starting January 3, you will only need to attend rehearsal when your assigned songs are scheduled.  Be sure to regularly check your e-mail for each week's rehearsal schedule so you know when you will need to be present.

Also a reminder to please utilize the back band room door when arriving and leaving rehearsal, as the front doors will not always be open.  To get to there, drive around to the back of the High School building -- look for the small parking lot across from the tennis courts next to the HS and pull in there.  Students can then walk down the maintenance driveway, which will lead directly to the double doors (with #19 on it) that go right to the band room wing.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you and have a great weekend!
-Mr. Tanzos