WMPA Newsletter 11-07

Hello all! 

As the outdoor season winds down I wanted to still keep you informed of what's happening.  I'll still send out occasional emails with information periodically.  The WMPA is also responsible for the indoor groups as well (Indoor Percussion/Indoor Color Guard).  Our next meeting is Tuesday November 13th at 6pm in the HS cafeteria.  Please feel free to swing by as we wrap up the outdoor season and prepare for our indoor responsibilities. 

CHAPERONES for CHAMPIONSHIPS: Connie Bartos, Tracy Cooper, Adam 

Dunstan, Mike Baer, and Bonnie Kies.  Report time is 4:30 PM in the band
room. Truck driver is Edgard Jaramillo with Brian Issermoyer helping
out.  The truck needs to be picked up at U-Haul and at the band parking
lot by 3:45 PM.

HALLOWEEN BAND PARTY:  After practice on Saturday the kids are having a delayed Halloween party.  We're providing the food.  Thank you to everyone that has offered to bring in food/snacks/deserts for them!  Please bring your donations to the band room between 4:30 - 5pm.  Here is a link to the sign up genius if you'd still like to donate ...  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0c44a5a822aaf58-delayed

CHAMPIONSHIPS:  We're so lucky to have our championships so close to home!  Let's see if we can get a big cheering section together at the stadium!  Look for other "Whitehall" logo attire or faces your recognize so we can all sit together.  Here is the link Mr. Tanzos sent out with information for spectators .... http://cavalcadeofbands.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/2018-Allentown-Spectator-Info-FINAL.pdf


Thank you to our Melissa and Monica for planning this years trip on Saturday April 27th.  Looks like a fun time!  This is optional and parents who have clearances are allowed to go as well.  No student siblings though (district rules, not ours).  First deposit of $65 per person is due no later than 11/9.  This deposit is non refundable since it will calculate the cost for everyone else going on the trip.  You may use your student account money to pay for any or all of the trip.  Please see Melissa's email sent out with the link to Google to sign up.  

END OF THE YEAR BANQUET:  Set for the next day, Sunday April 28th.  More information will follow as it gets closer.  


· FuzzyLens Pictures: All photos taken by Ernie Haller throughout the year are available for purchase.  A portion of the sale also goes back to the band.  Visit Fuzzylens.net and click on MZB to navigate through the photos.  These are also the same photos posted on Facebook by the Whitehall Music Information page.  

· Panera:  On 11/17/18 we will be having a "give back" day.  A portion of your order will be donated to the band.  More information to follow.

· Basket Bingo: Date is Friday March 1st.  Stay tuned for information.  

· Scrips Gift Card Fundraiser: If you haven't tried the online service yet, go to www.shopwithscrip.com and enter code EC98LDL661L47. If you have any difficulty reach out to Tara Issermoyer.