Sherwood Forest Farms Fundraiser

Hi Everyone,

We are trying a new fundraiser this year from Sherwood Forest Farms.  Attached is a flyer listed all of the items available for purchase. 

The awesome part about this fundraiser is that all items will ship directly to the address you choose - no pick/delivery required on your part!!  You just get the orders, collect the money, and the items will show up at the address you provide about two weeks after Thanksgiving!   The company is able to ship anywhere in the US (except Alaska or Hawaii).  What a great way to send Christmas presents to relatives living in other states :)

The flyer lists all of the prices (shipping is included in the price).  All money and orders need to be turned in to by November 6 (no exceptions as we have a deadline from the vendor).  There is a special form that needs to be completed for the shipping so if you are interested in participating please let me know and I will get you all the materials you need.  I will also ask Mr. Tanzos to keep some in the band room so the kids can pick them up.

Your child will receive $5.00 in their student account for each item sold!!

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Melissa Angst (Lorelei's mom)