Home Show Food Donations

Hello parents!  The support in your donations or time with the home show will pay off!  Here are last minute items for you:

We are in need of just 2 more volunteers.  One is to help direct bands onto the field and the other is to help direct traffic by Zephyr/stadium.  If you are able to help, contact me directly.  

The hosting band also provides a hospitality area for judges and band staff.  To offset the cost of catering we will be offering food cooked in trays or crock pots.  Please visit the link below to sign up.  If you know of a restaurant or food store willing to cooked tray we will gladly trade their donation with advertising (menus, fliers, etc)  I can also provide a donation letter if needed. If you are donating in a crock pot please be aware you will need to return to the school around 9:30-ish to pick it up. 

Tickets are $10 adults, $5 students/seniors.  Gates open 4:30p, show starts at 5:30p.  

Sandy Ball
WMPA President