WMPA Newsletter 9-12

Hello fellow band parents!!

If you haven't yet, please read Mr. Tanzos' email he sent out today about our desperate need for help.  Whether you give the gift of time or the gift of donations we all need to work together. It truly takes a village for the band to run. I can tell you the staff is worth ALOT more than what we pay them.  Everyone does this out of love for the students.  We can not afford to lose any of them.

We had a great turnout for the meeting last night!  Wonderful to see some new faces. Our next meeting will be Tuesday October 9th at 6pm in the HS Cafeteria.

The profit from here pays for the staff salaries.  In the past we usually net anywhere from $1500 - $2000 per home game.  This past game we only earned $600.  The reason for this is because we needed to spend $1200 for food/drink/supplies for the stand.  In the past a lot of this was donated by parents.  Sad to say we didn't get one donation for this past game.  We only have 4 more games.  The result of this is a sad prediction that we may not be able to pay all the staff their salaries, which is very low compared to other schools.  PLEASE consider donating a pack of hot dog rolls or drinks.  Rolls are about $1.00/pack.  The only name brand we need is coke products. The rest can be from Aldi's, Walmart, or whatever is on sale!!  If it's easier for you, please send them in with your student on Thursday nights practice.  We can transport them to the stadium.  
Wherever the band goes their instruments need to go too.  Right now we have 1 senior parent filling in for ALL of the open days.  Next year he will be gone.  We need to start training new parents so the students can continue to perform.  Its a box truck so you do not need a CDL license.  You pull a small trailer behind it with the gator strapped down.  The students load and unload so you do NO LIFTING at all.  Just drive.  You get into all the events for free too.  If you'd like to ride along with one of our current parents to see what it's like reach out to Cathy Haller.  If you'd like to drive please sign up here  ... https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0c44a5a822aaf58-truck1

Thank you to those who have volunteered.  We even have parents still coming to us to assist.  This is great to see!  Here's whose chaperoning this weekend ...
  • Home football game against Central Catholic:  Sandy Ball, Karen Coughlin, Cathy Haller, Michelle Riegel, and Lori Skibo. Report time is 5:30 in band room.  Gator driver is Chad Goeppert who reports to the garage near the stadium by 5:30p.
  • Competition: Connie Bartos, Sue Cascioli, Tracy Cooper, Adam Dunstan, and Bonnie Kies.  Report time is 3:30p in band room.  Truck driver is Ernie Haller, report time is 2:15p at stadium.  The students will not have time to visit the snack stand so please pack food and drink for the trip.  
  • Scrips Gift Card Fundraiser:  I understand there has been some confusion and difficulty ordering gift cards online.  Attached is an order form you can use instead.  Please send the form and money in to Tara Issermoyer and she will place the order for you.  If you haven't tried the online service yet, go to www.shopwithscrip.com and enter code EC98LDL661L47. 
  • Therapeutic Massage: See attached flier for information.
  • Krispy Kreme: coming soon, look for a separate email from Tara. 
  • Basket Bingo: since we didn't get enough interest in this huge money maker in August we are going to try again in March.  Stay tuned.  
We ironed out a lot of the details last night. We need to put out about $4,000 - $5,000 up front to cover costs.  We will get most of the money back from admission sales, etc.  To help offset these costs there are some items we will be looking for donations for.  We'll need your time and donations for this one event.  Sign ups will be coming out soon. Please be on the look out.  

Sandy Ball
WMPA President