MZB Update 9-7-18


IT’S FIRST COMPETITION WEEK!!!  With that said, we need to work hard to have an excellent, focused week of rehearsals and performances!  Here is the schedule for this week:

Tuesday - Rehearsal 6-9 PM

Thursday - Rehearsal 6-9 PM

Friday - HOME football game vs. Central Catholic ; Report time is 4:30 PM ;  Chaperones and GATOR needed at the band room by 5:30 PM ; We will be performing PREGAME.  Students may stay after school in the band room on Friday if you wish.  Middle School members who wish to stay should meet in the MS Cafeteria after dismissal, and a security officer will walk you over to the High School.  Please be sure to bring everything with you that you need for the game!  Also -- we will order pizza for after school if you would like to partake.  Plan on $1 per slice and $1 per drink.  Remember to complete the Google Form for your FREE food item and drink during 3rd quarter break by THURSDAY:

Saturday - Competition at Chichester HS (3333 Chichester Ave., Boothwyn, PA 19061) ; Detailed "battle plan" below and attached.  School will be open at 12 Noon, rehearsal starts promptly at 12:30 PM.  We'll need the truck at the stadium parking lot by 2:15 PM ; Chaperones are needed at the band room by 3:30 PM.  Please note that everyone MUST pack a dinner!  We will not have time to eat at the competition, so you may also want to pack some snacks for the ride home as well.

For spectators Saturday, please be sure to bring cash for admission.  I do not know how much tickets are, but they generally are around $10 at most shows.  Please consider coming out to cheer on and show your support for the kids!  It really means a lot to them to have a nice cheering section at the competitions :-)  Here is the event schedule:

Winds -- we will begin wearing gloves this weekend.  If you don't have them already, please plan to purchase at least 1 pair (I recommend 2 - 1 for practice and 1 for performance).  Gloves are $3.50 each.  See me with money and I can give you the gloves.

Please be sure to have ALL of A River's Fury! MEMORIZED for Tuesday.  We will continue learning more drill this week, as we work towards finishing the show.  Also be sure to work out all of the footwork, visuals, routine, and music that we've worked so hard on the past few weeks! 

Remember -- as we discussed Friday night, we must be sure to take care of the "little things."  Prioritize, be responsible, work together, and be sure to represent yourself, the band, and your school with PRIDE, DIGNITY, CLASS, and a commitment to EXCELLENCE at all times!  For your reference, I have attached the MZB Member Handbook for everyone's review.  I highly suggest we all take a few moments to carefully read through the entire handbook once again, so we are clear about the expectations of membership.  We have so much potential as a group -- let's strive to meet that potential together!

Thank you, have a nice weekend, and see you TUESDAY!
-Mr. Tanzos

BATTLE PLAN for Saturday, September 15
Chichester HS Competition
3333 Chichester Ave., Boothwyn, PA 19061

12:00 Noon – School open ; Set-up for rehearsal
12:30 pm – Rehearsal begins
2:30 pm – Load equipment truck; Change into “Partial Uniform”
4:15 pm – Depart for Chichester HS ; Eat packed dinner on bus ride
5:45 pm – Arrive at Chichester HS; visit restrooms
6:00 pm – Unload truck; warm-up
7:30 pm – Whitehall MZB performance
7:45 pm – Drop equipment off at truck/bus
8:00 pm – Back to stadium for Host Band performance and Awards
8:15 pm – Host Band performs ; ALL members MUST be in designated area of stands
8:55 pm – Awards Ceremony
9:15 pm – Finish loading truck
10:00 pm – Depart for home
11:15 pm – Estimated arrival time home…ALL members must stay at the school until the equipment truck is completely unloaded.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

A list of things all members should bring with them for the entire day:
  • Instrument/Equipment
  • Marching Shoes
  • Under-uniform wear
  • Gloves
  • Make-up / Hair products (Colorguard)
  • Raincoat
  • Water for during practice
  • Packed dinner/snack for after practice/bus ride
  • Sweatshirt or jacket (if desired)

Please come prepared, be flexible, and let’s work together so that we can reach our fullest potential!