"Lottery Calendar" and Shopwithscrips.com

Hello everyone,

Just a quick reminder, lottery ticket stubs, money and unsold tickets are due NO LATER than 9/6/18, you can have your student give everything to Mr. Tanzos or you can give everything directly to me. 

I understand some people are having "trouble" using shopwithscrip.com, there are 3 ways in which you can place an order and several options for gift cards (ex. actual gift card, or e-gift card or reload gift card). PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME AND I CAN GET YOU SET UP WITH AN ACCOUNT.  

I, personally, ordered a few gift cards for stores/restaurants that we frequent (and I will be spending money there regardless), I ordered my gift cards 8/31/18 and they are scheduled to be delivered to me 9/5/18 (that,s over a holiday weekend!), so as you can see, it does not take long to receive your order! If you use gift cards, I highly suggest purchasing them from shopwithscrip.com, every little bit helps our kids and our Marching Zephyr Band!

Please contact me directly if I can be of any assistance with any fundraiser (or if you have any new and exciting fundraising ideas)


Tara Issermoyer