WMPA Weekly Newsletter 8-7-18

Welcome to our 2018 season!  Every week I'll be sending out an email summarizing what's going on that pertains to you.  This is our very first edition for the season!  Communication will be via email, same as Mr. Tanzos.  Please be sure you are checking your email on a regular basis.

First, I'd like to introduce your board members for this year.  This is also a good who's who list incase you have any ideas or questions.  We LOVE ideas!! 

Sandy Ball (myself) President

Jason Hudson - VP

Cynthia Arroyo - Treasurer

Tara Issermoyer - Fundraising Coordinator

Kristen Reidy - Snackstand Coordinator

Cathy Haller - Chaperone & Truck Coordinator

Monica Guiher - Travel Co-Coordinator

Melissa Mosser - Travel Co-Coordinator

Lori Skibo - Board Member

Laylay Brown - Board Member

Band Camp Parent Tips from a Veteran Mom:  
  • Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable. 
  • If you're a new parent don't worry.  They will be fine. The group tends to take care of each other and the vet kids are good towards the rookies. They will have fun!  By the end of the season they will be so close to each other.
  • Practice ends at 9p.  That means they stop marching on the blacktop at 9pm.  They then need to clean up, go back to the band room THEN they will come out to the cars.  They will NOT be dismissed at the stadium.  Stay in your car in the lot by the band room.  Do NOT go to the band room. They will come out to you.  
  • They will be hot and smelly when you pick them up. Keep that AC going for them!  And if you haven't yet introduce them to deodorant!
  • Send them with PLENTY of water.  A good idea is to fill a big jug half way, freeze it over night then fill the rest of the way with cold water.  This will help them stay cool.  
  • Watch the weather and send them accordingly.  If it's gonna be nuclear hot then send them in light colored clothing.  If it's gonna rain send them with a rain jacket just incase. 

Due to low response for our ticket sales, the Basket Bingo was canceled this year.  This was a hard choice to make but a board vote decided it would financially not be in our best interest to go through with it.  We will consider rescheduling it in the future. Stay tuned for upcoming fundraising events.


Our first football game is Friday August 24th.  Cathy Haller will compose the chaperone schedule soon and that will be communicated to you ASAP so you can plan accordingly.  The first game is an away game so we will need a truck driver as well.  Rememer, to chaperone you MUST have clearances on file with the district. 

We will have our next monthly band parent meeting on Tuesday August 14th at 6pm in the HS cafeteria.  This is open to all marching band parents so feel free to attend.

If you have any questions, ideas, or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any time.  Welcome to the 2018 Season!

Sandy Ball
WMPA President