WMPA Newsletter 8-29

Hello Fellow Band Parents!

Our next parent meeting is Tuesday September 11th at 6pm in the HS Cafeteria.  We'll be discussing the details for our upcoming home show on October 20th.  

  • We need water!  This is separate from the snack stand.  Every time the band performs we provide them 2 cases of water.  If you're able to donate a case please bring it directly to the band room at any drop off or pick up. Thank you in advance!

  • First HOME football game August 31st versus Easton. Chaperones are Sandy Ball, Karen Coughlin, Adam Dunstan, Cathy Haller, and Kanchan Purchit. Gator driver is Ernie Haller.  Report time is 5:30p in the band room. 
  • THANK YOU to all who have stepped up and volunteered to chaperone.  The clearances are FREE and online and chaperoning them is the easiest gig you will ever do. If you're planning on going to the events anyway why not get in for free?!?!  If you are still interested in helping please get in contact with Cathy Haller. We do this for the kids, let's not let them down. 
  • Every time the band leaves the school their instruments need to go with them.  The district pays for us to rent a U-Haul truck.  The truck pulls a trailer behind it with our "Gator" on it. For the home games all you do is drive the "Gator" and pull the trailer on and off the field with the pit equipment.  You get in all the events for free and the kids load and unload the equipment.  You just drive.  You do NOT need a CDL license.  Its a box truck.
  • We have a few parents who are able to help but we need a few more parents who are able and willing to drive the truck. To sign up visit this link .... https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0c44a5a822aaf58-truck1

  • We operate the snack stand by the field house. Over the season all of the profits pay for the staff salaries (about $5,500 we are responsible for).  The benefit of working in the snack stand is 1 - you get in the game free, 2 - its warm and dry when it gets cold, 3 - you do NOT need clearances to work there, 4 - we will show you everything you need to know!  
  • We purchase all the food and drinks for the snack stand, but we rely on donations too.  If you would like to donate please visit this link for the signup genius ...   https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0c44a5a822aaf58-snack5
  • If you would like to volunteer to help out in the snack stand please visit this link.  It's important you sign up (as opposed to just showing up) so we know how many we have.  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0c44a5a822aaf58-football8

  • The Lottery Calendar was a huge hit!  Tara sold out of calendars and had to make more.  KEEP SELLING!  For every ticket you sell $10.00 goes directly into your students account to use throughout their tenure in the band.  
  • NEW!  We are selling Therapeutic Massage Gift Certificate at near by Soul Body Healing Arts. Cost is $60 ($73 with gratuity) and $11-$15 goes toward the bands general fund.  This is a competitive price so if you're going to get one, why not give back to the band!  Details are in the attached flier. Pass it on!
  • NEW! Shop With Scrip Gift Card fundraiser!  This is an easy one.  If you are going to get a gift card visit www.shopwithscrip.com to order it. Enter code EC98LDL661L47 then create a log in and account.  They offer over 750 choices and we receive a percentage of each gift card sale, anywhere from 2%-12%.  Once you are logged in you can send emails to friends and family to invite them to participate.  Money goes towards the bands general fund.  
  • On the horizon are Krispy Kreme donuts, pies, and a pancake breakfast.  We're also investigating a Bus Trip to Atlantic City.  If you have any fundraising ideas please reach out to Tara Issermoyer.

As you travel to the competitions, you'll notice the band's booster club runs the entire event.  Our home competition is Saturday October 20th.  We will need ALL HANDS ON DECK for this event. Our campus is very large and spread out so we need volunteers in a variety of positions.  For almost all of them you DO NOT NEED CLEARANCES or be a parent.  If an aunt or uncle wants to help that's fine too (must be 18 yrs).  Please please please help us with this.  More information will follow.  

Thanks for all you do.  Remember we do it all for the kids!  
Sandy Ball
WMPA President