WMPA Newsletter 8-15

Thanks for everyone who came to our monthly band parent meeting last night.  I was so excited to see new faces!  We got alot accomplished, so this newsletter is full of helpful information as we go into the season.  Our next parent meeting is Tuesday September 11th at 6pm in the HS Cafeteria.  Let your voice and thoughts be heard!

Special shout out to Melissa Angst (Lorelie's mom) for scoring us a $1,000 donation from Fullerton Memorial Playground and Athletic Association!  We were blown away last night as a representative showed up to present us with the check.  Thanks Melissa for networking for us!!!  

  • The last date orders will be accepted for apparel or jacket orders is this Friday the 17th.  No exceptions so don't forget!   We need to get the orders ASAP so we have them for the season.
  • Preview Night is next Thursday August 23rd at the Football Stadium. This is free and open to the public so bring the kids and grandma along!  Its an exciting time for the students as they get to show off what they've learned so far at band camp. Mr. Tanzos will communicate the time. Pray for no rain!  

  • First football game August 24th at East Stroudsburg South. Chaperones are Sandy Ball, Cathy Haller, Stephanie Haller, Lori Skibo.  Report time TBA.  
  • We are still in need of chaperones.  Out of the 50+ band members we had only 17 people step forward to assist.  25% are senior parents who will be gone next year.  The district requires we have 5 adult chaperons at each event.  If volunteers continue to decline it is a reality that the students may not be able to participate in events next year.  The clearances are FREE and online and chaperoning them is the easiest gig you will ever do. If you're planning on going to the events anyway why not get in for free?!?!  If you are still interested in helping please get in contact with Cathy Haller. We have 2 parents working 16 of the 19 events who would happily share the love.  We do this for the kids, let's not let them down. 
  • Every time the band leaves the school their instruments need to go with them.  The district pays for us to rent a UHaul truck.  The truck pulls a trailer behind it with our "Gator" on it. For the home games all you do is drive the "Gator" and pull the trailer on and off the field with the pit equipment.  You get in all the events for free and the kids load and unload the equipment.  You just drive.  
  • We have a few parents who are able to help but to lighten the load on those few people we need a few more parents who are able and willing to drive the truck. A Sign up Genius will follow shortly. 

  • We operate the snack stand by the field house. Over the season all of the profits pay for the staff salaries (about $4,000 we are responsible for).  Kristen Reidy is our Snackstand coordinator and will be creating a sign up genius for volunteers and food donations soon.
  • The benefit of working in the snack stand is 1 - you get in the game free, 2 - its warm and dry when it gets cold, 3 - you do NOT need clearances to work there, 4 - we will show you everything you need to know!  
  • For donations we typically need hotdog/hamburger rolls, boxes of candy, cases of water, and soda cans - must be Coke products (district rule not ours).  A signup genius is coming out soon so be on the look out.  
  • Our first game is next week the 31st so if you know you're available to help send an email to Kristen so we can start staffing up.   

  • Our bingo is being rescheduled!  Tentative time frame is late February.  Stay tuned for more information as we get closer. 
  • Our next fundraiser will be Lottery Calendar!  These are always a big hit.  The great thing about this particular fundraiser is that half of the profit goes into your students individual Student Account.  This year we are selling 3 months for $20.  That means for every single calendar you sell your child will get $10 put into his or her account (Spring trip payment??).  This will be distributed as early as next week so stay tuned.  
  • On the horizon are Krispy Kreme donuts, pies, and a pancake breakfast.  We're also investigating a Bus Trip to Atlantic City.  If you have any fundraising ideas please reach out to Tara Issermoyer.

As you travel to the competitions, you'll notice the band's booster club runs the entire event.  Our home competition is Saturday October 20th.  We will need a ALL HANDS ON DECK for this event. Our campus is very large and spread out so we need volunteers in a variety of positions. Please please please help us with this.  More information will follow.  

Thanks for all you do.  Remember we do it all for the kids!  
Sandy Ball
WMPA President