MZB - New Music, Apparel & Jacket Sale, and MORE!

Some new items for you as we approach band camp on Monday:

- First, we are in need of some ride assistance for a member of the MZB, mainly on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons TO practice.  This member lives in the Stiles region, so if you are from that area or even Coplay and would be willing to assist with rides, please let me know ASAP.  Thank you in advance! :-)

- Second, music and recordings for our 3rd song, Yosemite Autumn are available in the Resources tab.  Please print out your part and begin to look at it for the start of camp on Monday.

- Lastly, we are running our official MZB Apparel and Member Jacket sales at this time!  Please note that all of these items are purely OPTIONAL!  If you would like to purchase some MZB swag to add to your ensemble, check out the attached apparel and jacket order forms, including the jacket descriptions.  If you have money in your student account, you may use that money -- attached is the current balance sheet.

Thank you, have a great rest of the week, and see you MONDAY!
Mr. Tanzos