Chaperone Schedule

Here it is the Chaperone Schedule for 2018, and the last one I will be making for you.  I have a lot fewer people this year chaperoning so most people received what they asked for on the schedule.  I will again be sending out reminder emails to you after Mr. Tanzos sends out the battle plan.  My emails will contain your report time as well as any special instructions you will need to know.  Please do not ignore these emails or any emails that come out about the band.  If you can not make a day you are scheduled, please contact me.

We all know life happens, and things come up at the last minute. No one will be upset if you contact me as soon as you know of the conflict, even if it is last minute.  I have some people that can do backup at the last minute.  Problems will occur if you just don't show up at all when you are scheduled.  If you can not make it on a day you are scheduled, you will simply be taken off the schedule for that day.  I do not do switching of days and ask that you don't do it either.  It causes to many problems for a lot of people. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

One final note, we are shorthanded for Senior Night Friday, October 19th.  It was a night I would have liked to have off being a parent of a senior, but can not take off because we only have three people on with me.  If you would like to help out and chaperone that night, please let me know.  I need at least one more person, however two to three more would be better.


Cathy Haller
Chaperone Coordinator