Local Drum Corps shows

For those interested, there are a few drum corps shows coming to the area in the next few weeks.  I would highly recommend checking them out, as they are essentially "professional"-level marching bands!  Several of our staff members have participated in some of these groups, and some currently do as well:  New colorguard staff member Mr. Pries is marching with Carolina Crown, visual tech Brian is marching with The Cavaliers, and Mike and Reagan are on the instructional staff of Cadets2.

Here are the links to the show pages if you are interested:

July 20 - DCA @ Nazareth HS - https://yea.showare.com/
August 1 - DCI Tour of Champions, Chester, PA - https://www.dci.org/events/tour-of-champions-chester
August 3 - DCI East (Night 1 of 2) @ J. Birney Crum Stadium, Allentown, PA - https://www.dci.org/events/dci-eastern-classic
August 4 - DCI East (Night 2 of 2) @ J. Birney Cr
um Stadium, Allentown, PA - https://www.dci.org/events/dci-eastern-classic-2

Also -- the Blue Knights from Denver, CO usually practice on our Whitehall campus during the weekend of August 2-4, in case you want to catch some of their rehearsal.

Definitely try to check it out if you get the chance!

Have a great rest of summer break and see you all on August 6 for band camp!