MZB Summer Session - June 20

Just a reminder that we have a Summer Session rehearsal next week on Wednesday, June 20 from 6-8 PM.  Remember that attendance is MANDATORY unless you have notified me that you won't be there already -- either you are present or I MUST have an e-mail from you.  Please be diligent in your communication!

Additionally, afterward the MZB Officers have organized a "Game Night" from 8-9 PM if you would like to stay and participate.  This is purely optional -- you may leave after rehearsal if you want to -- however feel free to stay and have a good time playing card and board games with your friends!  If you have any favorites, feel free to bring them along!

Please make sure to bring your instrument/flag, music (in a folder), and water for rehearsal.

Thanks and see you on the 20th!
-Mr. Tanzos