MZB Spaghetti Dinner Information

Just a few things in regards to the upcoming Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser.  First, when you sell a ticket please keep the top stub with the persons name and info on it, we will have a door prize drawing (no need to be present to win). Please make sure you are indicating "adult", "student/senior" or "child" on those ticket stubs. Money and ticket stubs are due 6/20/18, the kids have practice that night. you can give the stubs and money to Mr. Tanzos and he will get it to me or you can turn the items in directly to me...I'm always in the parking lot for pick up (drive a grey Kia Soul and there is always a big goofy dog hanging out the back window:) 

Please see the link below to sign up for volunteer positions for the upcoming Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser. Please contact me with any questions.

Thanks for all your support! 

Tara I.