MZB Mini Camp + Music

Just a reminder that we have Mini Camp rehearsal Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week from 6-9 PM, as well as our Parent Meeting on Wednesday night at 6 PM in the HS Cafeteria.

Parts and recordings for our first song "Tapestry of Nations," for this year's field show entitled "Nature's Tapestry" are available under the Resources tab.  Please print out your part and begin looking at it for tomorrow's rehearsal.  You can use the recordings to help you along in your practicing - included is the full ensemble recording.  A second update with smaller group recordings will also be sent out.

All percussion parts are by drumline instrument or individualized for pit members.  Bass drummers, play the following parts:

Kenny - Bass 1 (top space)
Troy - Bass 2 (second space from top)
Braydan - Bass 3 (second space from bottom)
Ethan - Bass 4 (bottom space)

For the winds, please use the following part assignments for instruments with split parts:

Alto Sax - Eireann + Aiden play top notes on splits; Chloe and Aryan play bottom notes on splits
F. Horn/Mello  -  Matt play top notes on splits ; Grace and Dia play bottom notes on splits
Trumpet 1 - Austin play top notes on splits (and opening solo) ; Lorelei play bottom notes on splits
Trumpet 2 - Alex and Rebecca
Trombone 1 - Tyler and Olivia
Trombone 2 - Javier and Jenna

All other wind parts are unison, so just print out your instrument.

Thank you and see you tomorrow!
Mr. Tanzos​